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August 17, 2016

Hereswilliamsburg.com – it’s pretty self explanatory really. We exist to report on Williamsburg. Its highs, its lows, the mundane, the beautiful. We take contributions from our readers and the homeless guy down the street. We believe that it is all worth listening to. That these things are what make up the rhythm, music, landscape, color, and flow of life. If you ignore them you ignore an essential piece of yourself.

Come back here to get a feel of the texture of our daily life as we live out our days in the best city on earth. Sure, we may delve into the practical things sometimes, such as details about local businesses, or where you can get a good deal, but these apparent detours are all part of the plan. You live life in the details. You live it in the grand vistas. You live it everywhere in between. We just want to be a place where you can listen and feel again.

For those who don’t already know, Williamsburg is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, which is one of the five boroughs of New York City. Right across the bay is Manhattan, the most famous of the boroughs – but don’t ignore us. For the past decade a burgeoning and vibrant art scene has developed that now is nationally recognized as leading the way. This blog is an extension of this movement. Sure, it may play into the stereotype that’s developed that we’re just a bunch of yuppies in hipster disguises living off our rich parents’ trust funds. Let them think that – they don’t understand the heartbeat of where we are.

Williamsburg – here she is. You’ll wish you were here soon enough if you keep reading.


This is one way to get here. You may have heard of it.


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